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K.Will reveals track list for upcoming 4th album ‘Nonfiction’

K.Will has revealed the track list for part 1 of his upcoming 4th album ‘Nonfiction‘.

He’s already released the music video teaser for his title track of the same name, but fans can now check out what they can expect from part 1 of K.Will’s comeback album, which includes his collaboration with Starship Entertainment labelmate Soyu.

‘Nonfiction’ drops on September 26 KST. Check out the details above and below.

1. Goodbye Fall
Written by The Name, Min Yeon Jae | Composed by The Name, Megatone | Arranged by Megatone
2. Nonfiction (Title Track)
Written by The Name, Min Yeon Jae | Composed by Chans Line | Arranged by Chans Line
3. Willful Negligence (feat. Soyu)
Written by Seo Ji Eum | Composed by Primary, 1 of 1, Lee Dong Woo | Arranged by Primary
4. Hover7
Written by O.V, Lee Ga Eun | Composed by O.V, Lee Ga Eun | Arranged by O.V, Klozer
5. Fall in Love
Written by K.Will, Brothers | Composed by K.Will, Baek Hyun Soo | Arranged by Baek Hyun Soo
6. Fading Away
Written, Composed, & Arranged by Ahn Young Min
7. Here I Am
Written & Composed by The Name, Choi Sung Il | Arranged by Choi Sung Il

Lay drops another cryptic teaser for solo comeback

Lay has released another teaser for his album.

The new teaser is more cryptic than his earlier teasers. There are various words such as “Baby tell me please“, “Release Soon 5“, “Need“, “Code Inside“, and much more.
What can you make out of his teasers?

Yunho makes jaws ‘Drop’ with second MV teaser

Yunho has released his second “Drop” MV teaser.

The song will be a part of ‘SM Station‘ season 2, but fans already heard the song at ‘SMTOWN Live‘ back in July. The song is classified as an ‘SMP’ song, or an ‘SM Music Performance’ song. The MV teaser shows Yunho’s amazing, jaw-dropping performance.

Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for the release on the 25th.

Yunho drops two more stills from ‘Drop’ MV

Yunho has released two more stills from his “Drop” MV.

The song will be a part of ‘SM Station‘ season 2, but fans already heard the song at ‘SMTOWN Live‘ back in July. The song is classified as an ‘SMP’ song, or an ‘SM Music Performance’ song.
Yunho will be releasing a 2nd MV teaser later today at noon KST ahead of the full single release on September 25, so stay tuned for that.

GOT7 releases their comeback schedule for ‘7 for 7’!

GOT7 have released a schedule poster for their ‘7 for 7‘ comeback!

After releasing a short clip of ‘7 for 7’ a few days ago, the group has now released their full schedule in regards to their comeback via social media. It starts with the tracklist release on September 26 and ends with their lyric video release on October 14. The official album and MV will drop on October 10. Check out the full schedule below!

Stay tuned for more teaser images and videos!


NU’EST W is ‘Here’ in their first group teaser for comeback

NU’EST W has dropped their group teaser image for their comeback.

NU’EST W will be coming back with “Here“, which the members all spelled out individually with their teaser images. The group teaser released matches the ‘Portrait’ version of the members’ teaser images, in black and white with a quiet mood. The members all have their backs turned to the camera. There will be two versions of the album in ‘Portrait’ and ‘Still Life’ version.

Check out the image above and make sure to stay tuned for the ‘Still Life’ version teaser image later today, as well as their comeback on October 10.


Seventeen leaders release an MV for ‘Change Up’

Seventeen’s unit leaders (SVT Leaders) have released an MV for their long-awaited track “Change Up”.

After their quick teaser image of the release, Seventeen’s unit leaders have dropped an MV for “Change Up”. Along with the groovy beat, the three artists showed off their vocals and rap skills. The video features Hoshi, Woozi, and S.Coups just having fun with the whole project while looking very natural in front of the camera.

Check out the video!

Odd Eye Circle (Loona) – Mix & Match (Mini Album)

“Mix & Match” is the 1st mini album recorded by South Korean trio Odd Eye Circle (Loona). It was released on September 22, 2017 by Blockberry Creative.


2.Girl Front

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Fergie releases also “Tension” music video on Vevo. She isn’t featured in the clip