Kylie Minogue, fourtheenth studio album arrives later this year!


After spending a joyful Kylie Christmas, and releasing a divine track for Galavant‘s TV show, Goddess of pop Kylie Minogue is back to the work.

The “Aphrodite” of love has been working in the studio with frequent collaborator Guy Chambers on some new music which is expected to be included on her upcoming fourtheenth studio album of her career, which arrives later this year via BMG UK. (Source)

Chambers is responsible for some of her old-school gems like “Your Disco Needs You“. Remember that in her recent interview with Idolator (made by my friend Mike Wass), the singer revealed that she could work with some friends like Richard Stannard and Karen Poole.

In April 2016, Kylie has been working in the studio with hitmaker Bonnie McKee and producer Cutfather, who worked with in K’s global smash “Get Outta My Way” back in 2010.

During a recent interview with GayTimes, Kylie has confirmed that her next pop album arrives in 2017 and she will be touring again to support it. She said: “In 2017, I’d like to make a new pop album and even think about touring again“.



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