Noah Cyrus “NC-17” | New track: “Living High” (featuring Marshmello & Ookay)


“NC-17” is the upcoming debut studio album by American recoding artist Noah Cyrus. It’s expected to be released sometime this year via RECORDS.

It comes preceded by the first official single “Make Me (Cry)”, a sophisticated ballad along Labrinth, which was launched on November 15th.




  • TBA


Recorded/Registered/Leaked tracks:


  • Almost Famous
  • Handlebars | Julia Ross, Adam Watts & Gannin Arnold
  • Living High (feat. Marshmello & Ookay)
  • Make Me (Cry) [feat. Labrinth] | Timothy Mckenzie & Noah Cyrus
  • Old Souls Die Young | Joshua Kissiah Cumbee, Afshin Salmani & Noah Cyrus
  • Stay Together | B Burton, N Gale & E Schwartz



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