Sarah Walk “Still Frames” (Video Premiere)


American emerging singer-songwriter Sarah Walk has finally returned to the music’s spotlight with some new music after the promotion of her recent single “Wake Me Up“ and “Walking In the Air“.

The new track is called “Still Frames” truly illuminates Walk’s distinct androgynous and soaring vocal with a touching and quite relaxing piano-driven pop ballad.

The accompanying video tells the story of a devoted couple who almost last the distance, but fall down at the last hurdle. It was directed by Stefanie Kolk and premiered on February 15th. About the song, she shared:

This song reflects on what the subtleties of autumn remind me of and the emotions that come with it. It’s a bittersweet, melancholic and nostalgic song about the past and moving on…a reflection on the inevitability of certain change and a mourning and appreciation for the relationships that have been let go of

Still Frames” will be available on digital retailers and streaming services on February 15th.




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