Abe Mao – Babe. (Album)


Babe. is the seventh studio album released by Abe Mao. It was released in two versions: a regular CD Only edition and a Loppi HMV limited CD+DVD edition.

Release Date: 2017.02.15


1.Ai Mitai na Mono (愛みたいなもの; Something Resembling Love)
2.Yukisou na Hero to Nuka ni Kugio (逝きそうなヒーローと糠に釘男; A Dying Hero and a Man Wasting Effort)
3.Don’t let me down
4.You Said Goodbye
5.Haha de Aru Tame ni (母である為に; To be a Mother)
6.Kono Toki wo Shiawase to Yobou (この時を幸せと呼ぼう; Let’s Say This is Happiness)
7.You changed my life
8,Hello, Brand New Days
9.Bye Bye (バイバイ)
12.Onnatachi (女たち; Women)
13.Senaka (背中; Back)

3½ stars

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