Ai Otsuka Announces 8th Studio Album “LOVE HONEY”


Ai Otsuka will be releasing her 8th studio album “LOVE HONEY” on April 12.

The theme of Otsuka’s new album will be “beautiful woman”. This can be seen in the album’s music, packaging, and even its scent.

“LOVE HONEY” will come in a CD-Only, CD DVD, CD Blu-ray, and CD Goods version. The CD Goods version of album will come with a scented spray produced by Otsuka.

Following the release of the album, Otsuka will be embarking on a tour titled “LOVE HONEY LIVE TOUR 2017” in June and July.

Check out the album’s track list and cover below:

2. Watashi
3. QueeN
4. TOKYO Sampo
5. Sakura Hara Hara
7. Monochrome
8. make up
9. FrogFlag
11. Starter Pistol
12. Hibi, Ikiteireba



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