Kelly Rowland, fifth studio album | Some new registered tracks!


Kelly Rowland is getting a fresh start. The ‘second lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child‘ left her label and is working on her fifth solo studio album. Yes! The world must be ready for this.

In 2014, she returned to the studio to begin recording the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Talk a Good Game‘, which had nowhere near the expected success. During an interview with HuffPost Live, the ‘Motiviation’ singer said:

It’s been wonderful so far, a fresh new spin on everything, with writers, producers, just being inspired, just creativity. I’ve been inspired by the queens that have gone before us, incredibly strong women who aren’t afraid to take risks and just be innovative

The new music, which encompasses horns, drums, and flutes, was influenced by iconic female singers including Diana Ross. This new album will be the first since she parted ways with Universal Republic after two studio albums. Rowland said:

I feel like right now, I just needed something new and I’ve earned the right to make my own choices and make my own decisions. I wish them well, they wish me well. No hard feelings, I just needed a fresh, new start. There are different offers on the table. I just want to see what it feels like. I’m just in the studio on my own and just having a really good time just being creatively free

On year after the first interview, Rowland has made a second sit-down with HuffPost Live and gives some details of the upcoming project. She said:

Kanye West is literally in the center of one of my vision boards. I love how gutsy he is. I love how he speaks his mind. We keep seeing each other in different places, and sometimes I think I’m too shy to say something… but the next time I see him I’ll definitely just pick his brain. I think he’s genius!

The singer has also said that the upcoming album will be more “uptempo” and she expected to be released it this fall, but she has not decided whether independently or with a record label behind.

American producer DJ Vice unveiled first preview of new untitled track with Kelly Rowland on SnapChat on September 29th. Rowland debuted brand new track and first buzz single called “Dumb” on her Soundcloud page on October 26th.

During an interview with ABC Radio, Rowland has confirmed she’s planning to release some new music in February. She said:

I’m actually gearing up for a video right now, actually in rehearsals for a video right now I’m excited about. There’s going to be a video.” She coyly adds that it will entail “much movement”

During an interview with Idolator, she confirmed that this new record will included again a HOT EDM sound. She said:

I’m so happy I met David Guetta because he put EDM in my blood. It’s a part of my freedom when I’m on stage… so it will definitely be a part of the record — abso-****ing-lutely

During an interview with LENNY, Rowland confirmed that the album is “full of uptempos”. She shared:

It’s happy. I said I wanted a record full of up-tempos. A lot of my albums and songs have been slow, except for tracks like “Commander” or “When Love Takes Over.” I said I wanted this record to be happy because we need that right now, more than ever. That’s where my heart is


Recorded/Registered/Leaked tracks:


  • Baby Honey Sugar | Angela Beyince, Nash Overstreet, Shane Pittman & Kelendria Rowland NEW
  • Gimme Love | Melvin Hough, Kelendria Rowland, Maurice Simmonds & Theron Thomas NEW


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