DAOKO to be featured on Ziyoou-vachi’s new album “Q”


DAOKO continues her collaboration streak! First it was Seiko Oomori, now it is the eccentric Ziyoou-vachi who gave her an opportunity to rap on a track from their 5th album, “Q”, titled “Kinsei” (Venus). It is a spiritual successor to DAOKO’s own song “Suisei” (Mercury) from her self-titled album. Described as a “funk-pop” number, the song is available for purchasing now while the album will be out on April 5.

Find out more about it under the cut.

“Q” Track List


  1. Outroduction
  2. Kinsei feat. DAOKO
  4. Shurashushushu
  5. Chou Thriller
  6. Shitsurakuen
  7. Q
  8. Tsuzura Ori
  9. Hinaichi



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