Inori Minase Announces Debut Album “Innocent flower”

Inori Minase will be releasing her debut album “Innocent flower” on April 5.

On December 2, 2015, Minase released her first single “Yume no Tsubomi” (Flower Bud of Dreams). The concept of the album is the blossoming and growth the singer has undergone since her first single.

Minase’s first 3 singles will be included on the album. 9 new songs were recorded for the album.

“Innocent flower” will come in a CD-Only version and CD Blu-ray version. Check out the album’s track list and covers below:


  1. Haruzora
  2. Yume no Tsubomi
  3. Lucky Clover
  4. Koiseyo Otome
  5. Namida no Ato wa
  6. Itsumo Zutto
  7. Starry Wish
  8. Will
  9. Hoshikuzu Contrail
  10. Tabi no Tochuu
  11. harmony ribbon
  12. Innocent flower




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