SAWA – Ijippari Mermaid (いじっぱりマーメイド; Intense Mermaid) (Mini Album)

Ijippari Mermaid is the ninth mini-album released by SAWA. The title track was used as the lead-in promotion for the EP.

Release Date: 2017.02.14


1.Ijippari Mermaid (いじっぱりマーメイド; Intense Mermaid)
2.Koishite Hoshikute (恋してほしくて; I Want You To Be In Love)
3.SetMeFree feat. Noto Arisa
4.Colorful World (カラフルワールド)
5.Oboroge Dancing Interlude -KOTO Toui Kakekko- (おぼろげダンシン Interlude -KOTOとおいかけっこ-)
6.Oboroge Dancing (おぼろげダンシン)
7.Wanabia Wana feat. MIRI from Lime Berry (ワナビア罠; Wanabia Trap)
8.CandyGirl Interlude -YANAKIKU Uchi Kubi no Ran- (CandyGirl Interlude -YANAKIKU打ち首ノ乱-)

3 stars

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