La Oreja de Van Gogh “El planeta imaginario” | “Diciembre” (Video Premiere)

El planeta imaginario” (English: The Imaginary Planet) is the seventh studio album by Spanish pop band La Oreja de Van Gogh. It was released on November 4th via Sony Music Entertainment.

It comes preceded by the lead single “Verano“ (English: Summer), launched on September 16th. Along the pre-order of the album, the band unveiled the opening track “Estoy contigo” (English: I’m With You) on October 7th.

Diciembre” (English: December) was launched as instant grat on October 28th, and the proper music video to go with it arrived through Vevo on March 14th. It was directed by Aitor Guerrero.

Camino de tu corazón” (English: Way to Your Heart) was unveiled on November 1st as the final countdown single from the album.

All the tracks on the project were written by Xabi San Martín.




  1. Estoy contigo
  2. Diciembre
  3. Verano
  4. Esa chica
  5. Pálida luna
  6. Camino de tu corazón
  7. Intocables
  8. No vales más que yo
  9. Cuando menos lo merezca
  10. Mi pequeño gran valiente
  11. Siempre
  12. Tan guapa

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