Ashley Tisdale, third studio album | “It’s coming really soon”

After the release of her track “You’re Always Here” about the loss of her grandfather, in 2013. Ashley Tisdale fans are still waiting to enjoy some new music by the Disney star.

She returned to the music scene with a deeply personal ballad, but keep calm! This will not be the style of her new musical project. During an interview with MTV News she said:

I’m still trying to find exactly where I want to go with that. I’ve been heading towards a specific direction and I think that’s where I’m going to be. It’s obviously still pop and we’ve been playing with more dance pop. My last album was pop rock, so I definitely kind of have been more into the dancer type of pop songs. It’s definitely heavily pop for sure. I don’t even know if I’m just going to do singles or do an album. It’s really just me going into the studio and doing what I love. I’ve been inspired to start doing music again. I’ve been really excited to be back in the studio and figuring out what that next sound is. But I definitely missed it and I’m having a lot of fun with it, so we will see

It’s been seven years since she released her album “Guilty Pleasure” (2009), including smash singles: “It’s Alright, It’s OK” and “Crank It Up“.

During an interview with E! News via Periscope, Tisdale has confirmed she has been working a lot in the studio making new music, but she does not know when it will be released. During a recent Q&A on her Youtube channel, Tisalde confirmed that her new album is “inmminent”.



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