Lily Allen, fourth studio album | Some new registered tracks!

Following the promotion of “Sheezus“, English recording artist Lily Allen is back to work and is currently working in some new music for her next and fourth studio album, which is apparently called “The Fourth Wall“, and it’s scheduled to be released sometime in June via Regal and Parlophone.

In April 2015, Allen was in the studio in Jamaica with Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul and his regular contributor, producer Nicky B.

The singer recorded two new tracks called “Something’s Not Right” and “Soldier“. Both were included on the official soundtrack of British-American fantasy adventure film “PAN“.

Allen also premiered new track called “You’re Onto Me” on Periscope in early August. In March 2016, British and GRAMMY-nominated producer S-X confirmed he has worked with Allen on this new project.

During a recent interview with The Sun, Mark Ronson has confirmed that Lily Allen’s new music is heartbreaking. He said:

I feel like they are some of the best songs she’s written. Her voice sounds incredible. The stuff I’m working on is some of her most honest and heartbreaking music ever. She writes so honestly you can feel it

Lily revealed during her conversation on the political podcast NEWSROAST with Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Powse,
that her anticipated album is expected to be released in June, and it features songs about the break-up of her marriage, her kids and politics.


Registered/Recorded/Leaked tracks:


  • As a Friend
  • Change Your Mind
  • Come On Then
  • Dafodils | Lily Allen, Sam Knowles & Jessica Mills NEW
  • Don’t Watch My London | Lily Allen, Sam Knowles, Tommy Leonardi & Jessica Mills NEW
  • Fashion Police | Lily Allen & Fraser T. Smith
  • Heart Bleeds | Lily Allen, Sam Knowles, Tommy Leonardi & Jessica Mills NEW
  • I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love
  • I Fail
  • Keys | Lilly Rose Allen
  • Kill For the Fame
  • Kimono
  • Liar
  • Little Soldier | Lily Rose Allen & Timothy Rice Oxley
  • Monster
  • My Guy
  • Need You Here
  • Only 3
  • On TV
  • Something’s Not Right | Lily Rose Allen & Timothy Rice Oxley
  • Taken Over | Lily Rose Allen & Greg Kurstin
  • The Fourth Wall
  • Trigga Bang
  • Waste My Time
  • We Got One
  • You’re Onto Me



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