Betty Who “The Valley” | “Mama Said” (Single Premiere)

The Valley” is the upcoming second studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who. It’s scheduled to be released on digital retailers and streaming services on March 24th via RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment as the follow-up to 2014’s debut “Take Me When You Go“.

It comes preceded by the buzz single “I Love You Always Forever” and the proper lead single “Human Touch”, released on November 11th. The second single “Some Kinda Wonderful” was launched as instant grat along the pre-order on February 3rd.

You Can Try Tomorrow” was released as the album’s next promotional single on March 3rd, while “Mama Said” was launched on March 17th.




  1. The Valley
  2. Some Kinda Wonderful | Trevor Brown, Warren Felder, Jessica Newham & Zaire Koalo
  3. You Can Try Tomorrow
  4. Mama Said
  5. Human Touch | Kyle Moorman, Betty Who & Peter Thomas Walsh
  6. Free To Fly (feat. Warren G)
  7. Wanna Be
  8. Pretend You’re Missing Me
  9. Blue Heaven Midnight Crush
  10. Make You Memories
  11. Reunion
  12. Beautiful (feat. Superfruit)
  13. I Love You Always Forever | Donna Lewis



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