LOBODA – H2Lo (Album)

H2Lo is the third studio album by Ukrainian singer LOBODA , which will premiere 24 on March 2017. The singer presented the new album on her big solo concert in Kyiv Sports Palace.

Work on the new material for five years. Each track from the new album is a symbiosis of electro and synth-pop with an elegant introduction and doom and guitar riffs.

The album’s title speaks for itself. LOBODA, it’s more than just a singer, actress and brand. This is the perfect formula of life and success. It is love and faith, multiplied by the enormous work. This dedication and dreams. It is a modified formula of water colors of fire.


01 – Intro
02 – Твои глаза
03 – Случайная
04 – Стерва
05 – К чёрту любовь
06 – Жарко (& Monatik)
07 – Убей меня
08 – Не нужна
09 – Невеста
10 – чуть-чуть
11 – Танцую волосами
12 – Одной масти
13 – Париж
14 – Текила-любовь
15 – К чёрту любовь (Kiriyakidi remix)
16 – К чёрту любовь (Hardy Boy remix)
17 – Пора домой (DJ Antonio remix)

5 stars

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