Kesha “Rainbow” | Something is coming… “soon”

Stop the world right now! Kesha (now without $) continues working in some new music which will be included on the her upcoming project, which is called “RAINBOW” and it will be released under Sony Music.

Little is known about what will be the producers of this new era, among which we know is Pete Nappi. In July 2014, her website was revamped and it showed her new look era with so many colors and roses in her hair. Lana Del Rey and her impact. But there was nothing else.

A previously unreleased track “Lover“ produced by Spookey Ruben and Schpilkas, was premiered on November 2, 2014 as part of the producer Spookey Ruben’s album “Welsh Rarebits“.

During 2015 Valentine’s Day, Kesha revealed some details of the upcoming music project during NY Fashion Week. On June 10th, she also revealed the name of a new track called “Child of the Moon” via Instagram. A snippet of another new track called “Night Sky” surfaced online on October 29th.

The singer has formally announced the new “explicit 21+” band called Yeast Infection on December 24th. After losing the case in the trial against her alleged rapist, and after the global support obtained to support the cause, the singer has sung a piece of a new song via her lawyer Mark Geragoes’ Snapchat.

Kesha recorded vocals on Zedd’s re-worked version of album’s title track “True Colors” and was released on digital retailers and streaming services on April 29th, becoming her first proper release/collaboration since 2013.

During an interview with The New York Times, Kesha has revealed the name of some new songs which are set to be included on the anticipated album.

American production trio Captain Cuts has revealed during an interview with Idolator that they have been working in the studio with Kesha.

In December, she has been working in the studio with hitmaker Justin Tranter and Ricky Reed. According x17online, Kesha has been working with Ryan Tedder. They said:

Kesha’s desperate to release new music. She’s not sitting around doing anyhing, she’s been in the studio, she’s just bound by this old contract the judge wouldn’t release her from. But she’s been put together with Ryan Tedder and they’re doing something. I’ve heard it’s amazing

Kesha has also worked in the studio with Macklemore and producer BOOTS.

Confirmed/Recorded/Registered tracks:


  • Angel
  • Buried Alive | Kesha Rose Sebert, Erik Lewander & Sacha Skarbek
  • Chinatown | Kesha Sebert, Dana Calitri & Pebe Sebert LEAKED
  • Hunt You Down
  • Learn to Let It Go
  • Love Triangle | Kesha Rose Sebert & John Stuart
  • Rainbow
  • Rosé



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