Sakura Fujiwara Announces 2nd Studio Album “PLAY”

Sakura Fujiwara will be releasing her 2nd studio album “PLAY” on May 10.

The upcoming album will contain 12 tracks, including the singer’s past 3 singles. It will be available in a CD-Only and CD DVD version.

The DVD for the album will contain the music video for the song “Someday“, as well as live performance footage from Fujiwara’s special live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in February.

Following the release of the album, Fujiwara will be going on a solo tour. The tour will begin on May 27 and continues through July 22, with 11 concerts in total.

Check out the track list and cover to “PLAY” below:

1. My Way
2. Someday
3. Haru no Uta
4. play with me
5. Aka
6. Suki yo Suki yo Suki yo
7. sakura
8. Necklace
9. Soup
10. play sick
12. Hanbunko


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