Former miss A member Jia releases lyric video for ‘Candy’

Jia released something sweet for all of her fans!

On April 6, the former miss A member released the lyric video for her new song “Candy.” The song sounds pretty nice with an uptempo electronic beat. Although now I know how some international fans feel because I have no idea what she’s saying in Chinese. The song was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and the lyric video was created by Jeremie Carreon.

The idol star has been promoting solo since her departure from miss A and JYP Entertainment in May of 2016. She is currently signed under Banana Culture Entertainment and successfully made her solo debut in China with ”Drip” last November.

Check out “Candy” above!


New boy group BLACK6IX releases MV for debut ”Please’

New boy group BLACK6IX has made their debut, revealing the MV for their title track “Please“!

Under Black Hole Entertainment, the group consists of 6 members – YongseokZikiJongwoonThe-KingTaeyoung, and Yey. The members have pretty good vocals and dance moves. The song is also pretty catchy, quite an impressive debut!

Check out their debut MV above please.


NCT’s Ten releases ‘Dream In A Dream’ for ‘SM Station’ season 2

NCT‘s Ten released the MV for ”Dream In A Dream”.

The track is the second release for ‘SM Station‘ season 2. It’s also the first release for ‘SM the Performance‘.

Ten is known to be a great dancer and he shows his dancing ability in the MV. You can also see a cameo appearance by new S.M. ROOKIES member Lucas. Check it out above!



JY To Provide Theme Song For Drama Series “Hito wa Mitame ga 100 Percent”

JY will be providing the theme song to upcoming Fuji TV drama series “Hito wa Mitame ga 100 Percent“.

The the song is titled “Joshi Modoki“. It will be feature on the singer’s debut album “Many Faces ~Tamensei~” which comes out on May 10.

Women want to be pretty and cute at all times, but everyone experiences times when they aren’t confident in themselves, like they’re out of style. ‘Joshi Modoki‘ was made to be a supportive song for those people,” JY said.

“Joshi Modoki” is described as a bright, positive song with a happy tempo. m-flo‘s Taku Takahashi served as the song’s sound producer and arranger, while Kazuhiko Yamamoto wrote its lyrics.

“Hito wa Mitame ga 100 Percent” will be premiering on April 13.


Kazuya Kamenashi & Tomohisa Yamashita Unit Kame to YamaP Reveals Details To New Single

Kame to YamaP, the collaborative unit formed between KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi and soloist Tomohisa Yamashita, have released details about their upcoming single “Senakagoshi no Chance“.

The new song will be used as the theme song to the NTV drama “Boku, Unmei no Hito desu“. The two will co-star in the series which begins airing on April 15.

3 versions of the single will be released: 1 Normal Edition and 2 Limited Editions, each with its own set of content. On the Limited Edition 2 version of the single, both Kamenashi and Yamashita will have their own solo songs.

This will be the first time in 12 years that Kamenashi and Yamashita will be teaming up for an unit single. In 2005, the two provided “Seishun Amigo” as the theme song to “Nobuto wo Produce“. The drama and song became incredibly popular.

“Senakagoshi no Chance” will be released on May 17. Check out the single’s track list below:

Limited Edition 1 CD

1. Senakagoshi no Chance

Limited Edition 1 DVD

1. Senakagoshi no Chance Music Video Making-of Video

Limited Edition 2

1. Senakagoshi no Chance
2. Untitled A (Kazuya Kamenashi Solo)
3. Untitled B (Tomohisa Yamashita Solo)
4. Untitled C
5. Untitled A (Instrumental)
6. Untitled B (Instrumental)
7. Untitled C (Instrumental)

Regular Edition

1. Senakagoshi no Chance
2. Untitled D
3. Untitled E
4. Senakagoshi no Chance (Instrumental)
5. Untitled D (Instrumental)
6. Untitled E (Instrumental)