Anne-Marie, debut studio album | Some new registered tracks!

The untitled debut studio album by British singer and songwriter Anne-Marie is in the making and it’s expected to be released sometime this year via Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group.

It comes preceded by the buzz singles: “Boy” and “Do It Right”, plus the lead single “Alarm”, which was released in May 2016. The second official single “Ciao Adios” arrived on February 10th in 2017, just after the global impact achieved with her collaboration on Clean Bandit’s smash “Rockabye”.




  • TBA


Recorded/Registered/Leaked tracks:


  • Alarm | Ina Wroldsen, Wayne Hector, Anne-Marie Nicholson & Steve Mac
  • Bad Girlfriend | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Nick Monson & Sasha Sloan NEW
  • Believe | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Benjamin Hudson, Paul Harris NEW
  • Borrowed Scars | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Brad Ellis, Laura Dockrill NEW
  • Boy | Jonny Lattimer & Anne-Marie Nicolson
  • Breathing Fire
  • Bubblegum | Anne-Marie Nicholson & Jonny Lattimer NEW
  • Bug | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Laura Dockrill & James Jacob NEW
  • Ciao Adios | Mason Levy, Tom Meredith, Jennifer Decilveo & Anne-Marie Nicholson
  • Do It Right | Thomas Jules & Anne-Marie Nicolson
  • Fire With Fire | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Lewis Jankel & Francis White NEW
  • International Love | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Jean Baptiste & Fraser T.Smith NEW
  • Is This Love? | Anne Marie Nicholson, Amy Wadge & Adriano Buffone NEW
  • Love Bite | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Brad Ellis & Laura Dockrill NEW
  • My Last Please | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Benjamin Ash & Laura Dockrill NEW
  • Only Just Begun | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Janee Bennett, Gareth Keane & Fraser T.Smith NEW
  • Rockabye (Clean Bandit, Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) | Sean Paul Henriques, Ina Wroldsen, Ammar Malik, Steve Mac & Jack Patterson
  • Runaway | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Nick Monson & Sasha Sloan NEW
  • Say It | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Steve Mac & Ina Wroldsen NEW
  • Tearing | Anne-Marie Nicholson, Jon Cox & Jack Allsopp NEW
  • What Makes You Think | Anne-Marie Nicholson & Jonny Lattimer NEW



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