Britt Nicole “Britt Nicole” (Deluxe Edition) | “Be the Change” (Video Premiere)

Britt Nicole” is the fourth studio album by American Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Britt Nicole. It was released on October 7th via Capitol Records.

It comes preceded by the first single “Through Your Eyes”, released on July 29th. About this new project, she told People Magazine:

This record just feels real. I’m not trying to be anything I’m not, nor am I hiding anything I am. I’m simply sharing my heart and life. I got to create a lot of this record with my husband. I write from my own experiences and from the stories I’ve heard from fans. My goal in writing is always to be authentic and vulnerable in hopes that the song will connect with someone who may be going through the same thing

Be the Chance” was released along with the pre-order of the album on Apple Music on September 9th. A music video for the album’s track “Pave” was premiered through Vevo on December 16th. It was directed by Chancellor Warhol.

A music video for “Be the Change” was premiered on April 14th. It was directed by Ry Cox.




  1. Through Your Eyes | Britt Nicole & Ben Glover
  2. All the Money | Joshua Crosby, Britt Nicole & Brett McLaughlin
  3. Better | David Garcia, Britt Nicole & Julia Michaels
  4. Work of Art | Joshua Crosby, Joseph Hill, Elley Duhe & Britt Nicole
  5. Fallin In Love | Joshua Crosby, Robert Nix, Elley Duhe & Britt Nicole
  6. Be the Change | Britt Nicole, Joshua Crosby & Jaden Michaels
  7. All Day | Joshua Crosby, Britt Nicole, Joseph Hill, Andrew Fridge, Zachary Williams, Taji Ausar & Elley Duhe
  8. Pave | Petey Martin & Alys Ssion
  9. No Filter | Britt Burton, Josh Alexander & Emily Warren Schwartz
  10. Girls Night Out | Joshua Crosby, Brett McLaughlin, Robert Nix & Britt Nicole
  11. After You | Joshua Crosby, Jason Ingram & Britt Nicole


Deluxe Edition


  1. Concrete | Oh Hush!, Julia Michaels & Mitch Allen
  2. Heart of Stone | Jaden Michaels, Britt Nicole, Eric Ramey, Joshua Crosby, Nate Cyph & Robert Nix
  3. Electric Love | Joshua Crosby, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins & Britt Nicole



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