Vanbot – Siberia (Album)

Siberia is the  third album by Swedish electronic musician Vanbot. Gripped by the desire to break out of her routine, Vanbot—born Ester Ideskog—and two collaborators boarded the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow. Seventeen days later, they disembarked in Beijing with a bunch of dirty socks in their suitcases and a newly completed album on their hard drives. Everything that we hear on Siberia was written and recorded in their train compartment and at various stops along the way; to preserve the integrity of the project’s constraints, they opted not to do any additional recording upon their return to Sweden.


 01 – Not That Kind (Moscow)
02 – Stay With Me (Perm)
03 – Yekaterinburg
04 – On the Fly (Omsk)
05 – Collide (Krasnoyarsk)
06 – Hard to Get Used To (Baikal)
07 – Fiction (Listvyanka)
08 – Louder (Ulan-Ude)
09 – Wasted (Terelj)
10 – Close Enough (Ulan Bator)
11 – Stuck in Between (Yak – Moscow Airport)

4½ stars

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