Ayasa – Best I (Album)

Contains 2 songs each from Chronicle I~IV, a song from a SEGA mobile game called “Liberasion of Azure”, a song from “Knights of the Soundtable” (a band Ayasa plays in) and various new songs.

Track 16 features vocals from “Strange Octave” of the music group “nowisee”.

Release Date: 2017


01 Chronicle
02 Re-Birth
03 Kaiten Mokuba No Wakusei
04 Spectrum feat. B.EYES
05 Tokyo 2020
06 Sarusuberi
07 Akidaria Kai Senki
08 Shanikusai No Yoru
09 Gaai
10 Hana Fubuki! Bateren Musume
11 Ongaku Wa O Suki?
12 VOICES Strings ver. ~featuring Ayasa
13 Tatakai No Hate Ni
14 Ai To Ai O Nokosazu… violin ver.
15 Firekeeper
16 Yuki Ni Narenakatta Ame vocal ver.

3½ stars

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