Sophia Somajo – FREUDIAN SLIP (EP)

Sophia Somajo has an established reputation in the music industry as a writer – she has been in on the ground floor of several Billbaord #1 pop hits – but today, we see her come to the forefront with her freshly pressed mini-album Freudian Slip. Historically, she has written, produced, and recorded all of her own music and directed, edited, and graded all of her music videos and press shots. She is the true definition of “indie artist,” and it’s thrilling to finally be able to listen to her album in its entirety.

“This album is an important milestone in my life both personally and artistically,” she admits. “It’s about craving change. Wanting to be hit hard and reminded of what it feels to be alive. To break free from ill-fitting ideas of myself that I have grown out of but become so used to identifying with, that I’ve held myself back.”


1.Klein Blue
2.Mouth to Mouth
5.A Million Songs
7.The Last Summer (feat. Seinabo Sey)

4 stars

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