HyunA is asked if Trouble Maker is over

HyunA is starting promotions for Triple H, which is the second co-ed unit by Cube Entertainment. At the press conference for Triple H’s debut on April 19, HyunA was asked about her new start, as well as her first co-ed unit Trouble Maker.

The idol honestly stated that it’ll be a lie to say that she’s not feeling pressured by Trouble Maker’s success. HyunA said, “I hope we do better than the past albums but I’m already happy that I’m able to work with trending music on my 10th anniversary with the two people (Pentagon‘s Hui and E’Dawn).”

When asked if fans would be able to see Trouble Maker again, HyunA ambiguously answered, “Rather than saying, ‘We can’t see it again. It’s unfortunate’, I would like to say that it’s continuously in process.” She added, “It might, unfortunately, draw to an end or we might be able to show a new side if given an opportunity again. I will continuously promote actively with various albums.”



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