Mito Natsume – Natsumelo (なつめろ) (Album)

Mito Natsume release her first album, なつめろ (Natsumelo, a play on the artist’s first name and 懐メロ, meaning “oldies, old-fashioned nostalgic songs”), on April 26.

The album comes in two editions, a limited (CD+DVD, priced at ¥3,500) and a regular edition. Both versions apparently share the same cover (see above). The entire album was produced by Nakata Yasutaka (CAPSULE), and contains a total of 12 tracks, 4 of which are new additions to Mito Natsume’s discography: Odekake Summer (which was previously released along with a PV on YouTube as part of a Pocket Muhi campaign), Natsumelo, Nemu Nemu GO and Fuusen to Hari.


1. 前髪切りすぎた (Maegami Kirisugita)
2. おでかけサマー (Odekake Summer)
3. 8ビットボーイ (8-Bit Boy)
4. I’ll do my best
5. コロニー (Colony)
6. ハナビラ (Hanabira)
7. もしもクッキング (Moshimo Cooking)
8. なつめろ (Natsumelo)
9. パズル (Puzzle)
10. ねむねむGO (Nemu Nemu GO)
11. わたしをフェスに連れてって (Watashi wo Fes ni Tsuretette)
12. 風船と針 (Fuusen to Hari)

3½ stars

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