Ingrid Michaelson “Alter Egos” (Official EP Cover + Tracklist)

Alter Egos” is an upcoming extended play by American singer and songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. It’s expected to be released on May 12th via Cabin 24 Records.

It includes some of the tracks from her previous album “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense“, launched back in 2016, but with brand new versions including some extra collaborations of some artists.

The first single is a re-worked version of “Celebrate“, with the collaboration of American trio AJR, which was launched as instant grat with the pre-order of April 28th.




  1. Whole Lot of Heart (feat. Tegan & Sara)
  2. I Remember Her (feat. Lucius)
  3. Drink You Gone (feat. John Paul White)
  4. Miss America (feat. Sara Bareilles)
  5. Celebrate (feat. AJR)



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