Robbie Williams “Heavy Entertainment Show” (Deluxe Edition) | “Heavy Entertainment Show” (Video Premiere)

Heavy Entertainment Show” is the eleventh studio album by English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams. It was released on November 4th via his own imprint Robert Williams/Farrell Music Limited.

Along the pre-order, he unveiled the album’s title and opening track “Heavy Entertainment Show” on September 25th. The lead single off this project “Party Like a Russian” was launched on September 30th along with its music video premiered exclusively on Facebook.

Love My Life” was launched as instant grat along the pre-order on October 21st. A music video for the album’s title track “Heavy Entertainment Show” was premiered on April 29th.




  1. Heavy Entertainment Show | Serge Gainsbourg, Rufus Wainwright, Christopher Heath, Guy Chambers & Robert Williams
  2. Party Like a Russian | Robert Williams, Sergei Prokofiev, Guy Chambers & Christopher Heath
  3. Mixed Signals | Ronnie Vannucci, Jr., Mark Stoermer, Brandon Flowers & Dave Keuning
  4. Love My Life | Johnny McDaid, Gary Go & Robert Williams
  5. Motherfucker | Timothy Metcalfe, Flynn Francis & Robert Williams
  6. Bruce Lee | Stuart Price & Robert Williams
  7. Sensitive | Jackson Guthy, Stuart Price & Robert Williams
  8. David’s Song | Kara DioGuardi, Jewel Kirchner, Guy Chambers & Robert Williams
  9. Pretty Woman | Robert Williams, Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Chris Sclafani & Steve Robson
  10. Hotel Crazy (Robbie Williams & Rufus Wainwright) | Guy Chambers, Rufus Wainwright & Robert Williams
  11. Sensational | Christopher Heath, Rufus Wainwright, Mike Curb, Mack David, Robert Williams & Guy Chambers


Deluxe Edition


  1. When You Know | Robert Williams, Jimmy Carr, Seckou Keita & Guy Chambers
  2. Time On Earth | Guy Chambers, Christopher Heath & Robert Williams
  3. I Don’t Want to Hurt You (Robbie Williams & John Grant) | Guy Chambers, Robert Williams & John Grant
  4. Best Intentions | Guy Chambers, Robert Williams & Christopher Heath
  5. Marry Me | Ben Castle, Robert Williams & Karl Brazil



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