Aimer – BEST SELECTION “blanc” (Album)

BEST SELECTION “blanc” is the first best album released by Aimer. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray (Type-A), a limited CD+DVD edition (Type-B), and a regular CD only edition. The album was released simultaneously with her second best album BEST SELECTION “noir”.

Released Date: 2017.05.03


1.Rokutosei no Yoru (六等星の夜; Night of a Million Stars)
2.Chouchou Musubi (蝶々結び; Butterfly Knot)
3.Anata ni Deawa Nakereba ~Kasetsu Toka~ (あなたに出会わなければ ~夏雪冬花~ If I Hadn’t Met You ~Summer Snow, Winter Flowers~)
4.Polaris (ポラリス)
6.Hoshikuzu Venus (星屑ビーナス; Stardust Venus)
7.broKen NIGHT
8.Kataomoi (カタオモイ; Unrequited Love)
9.Kimi wo Matsu (君を待つ; Waiting For You)
10.Akane Sasu (茜さす; Madder Red)
11.Yuki no Furu Machi (雪の降る街; Snowy Town)
12.everlasting snow
13.March of Time
14.Kachoufuugetsu (歌鳥風月; Beauties of Nature)

4 stars

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