Namie Amuro reveals covers and details for her 45th single “Just You and I”

As previously reported Namie Amuro‘s latest song “Just You and I” will serve as the theme for Erika-sama’s drama “Haha ni Naru”.

Namie’s 45th single overall, “Just You and I” will be seeing it’s physical release on May 31st, 2017. Coming in the standard two versions, the b-side is fun a upbeat dance track called “Strike A Pose”. Currently “Strike A Pose” is being used as the CM music for the hair product “ReVIA” in which Namie also stars herself. The DVD edition of the single will come with the full music video for “Just You and I”. At select stores a bonus B2 size poster of the CD+DVD cover will also be included with your purchase while supplies last.

Check out the covers, lq preview of “Just You and I”, and the ReVIA CM with “Strike A Pose” all below the jump!

CD only





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