Miliyah Kato – Ring (Album)

“Ring” is the fourth album released by Kato Miliyah. To date, it is her best-selling album. It was the #18 best-selling album of 2009.

Released Date: 2009.07.08


1.SAYONARA Baby (SAYONARAベイベー; Farewell, Baby)
2.Aitai (I Want to Meet You)
3.Love Forever
4.Breathe Again
5.Love for you
6.Arigatou, (ありがとう、; Thank You,)
7.Kono Machi no Dokoka de (この街のどこかで; Somewhere in This Town)
8.Dance tonight
9.20 -CRY-
10.Time is Money
11.Anata ga Hoshii (あなたが欲しい; I Want You)
12.Love me, hold me
13.Happy Celebration
14.This is Love

5 stars

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