PSY “4+2=8” | “New Face” + “I Luv It” (Videos Premiere)

4+2=8” is the upcoming eighth studio album by South-Korean international recording artist, and producer PSY. It was released on May 10th via YG Entertainment.

The lead single from the project is the song “New Face“, which music video was premiered on his Youtube channel the same day of the album’s release. Another video for the album’s opening track “I Luv It” was also premiered the same day.




  1. I Luv It
  2. NewFace
  3. Last Scene (feat. Lee Sungkyoung)
  4. Love (feat. Taeyang)
  5. Bomb (feat. B.I & Bobby)
  6. We Are Young
  7. Fact (feat. G-Dragon)
  8. Rock Will Never Die
  9. Refuge
  10. Auto Reverse (feat. Tablo)



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