Sayuri – Mikazuki no Koukai (ミカヅキの航海; Crescent Moon Voyage) (Album)

Mikazuki no Koukai is the first album released by Sayuri. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray edition (A), a limited CD+DVD edition (B), and a regular CD Only edition. Each edition comes with 1 random Sayuri character card.

Released Date: 2017.05.17


1.Mikazuki (ミカヅキ; Crescent Moon)
2.Heikousen (平行線; Parallel Lines)
3.Juu Oku Nen (十億年; A Billion Years)
4.Cake wo Yaku (ケーキを焼く; Bake a Cake)
5.Furaregai Girl (フラレガイガール)
6.Hachi to Misemono (蜂と見世物; Bees and Spectacles)
7.Ruurararura Rurararura (るーららるーらーるららるーらー)
8.Odd Eye (オッドアイ)
9.Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no You na (それは小さな光のような: It Is Like a Small Light)
10.Raise de Aou (来世で会おう; See You in the Afterlife)
12.Anonymous (アノニマス)
13.Natsu (夏; Summer)
14.birthday song

4 stars

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