Nicki Minaj, fourth studio album | Collaboration with Katy Perry “Swish Swish”?

The untitled fourth studio album by American female rapper Nicki Minaj is in the making and expected to be released via Young Money, Cash Money and Republic sometime next year.

After the never-happened promotion of her latest announced single “Trini Dem Girls”, the recording artist has been working in the studio with some of the contributors from her latest album “The Pinkprint“, released back in 2014.

Nicki has worked with Kane Kong and VIN∆Y (which produced “Bed of Lies” and “Grand Piano”) and JMIKE (who co-produced “Only”) and we are excited about it.

American producer London On Da Track confirmed during an interview with Complex that he has been working in the studio making new something-more-pop music with Nicki. In Snapchat, Sage The Gemini confirmed that he’s working on the project and it will be available “So soon”.

On March 10th, Nicki released three simultaneous singles including “No Frauds”, “Regret In Your Tears”, and “Changed It”.

  • Ain’t Gone Do It LEAKED
  • Black Barbies | Onika Maraj, Khalif Brown, Aaquil Brown, Radric Davis & Michael Williams II
  • Changed It | Onika Miraj, Noel Fisher & Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
  • Don’t Want Your Love | Bilal Hajji, Wayne Hector, Nadir Khayat, Jonathan Maman, Yohanne Simon, Jean Claude Sindres & Riv Starchild
  • His Love Surrounds Me (Nicki Minaj & Janet Jackson) | Henry A Humes
  • NY City Girl | Curtis Bedeau, Gerard Charles, Hugh Clarke, Brian George, Lucien George, Paul George, Onika Maraj, Jeroen Nap & Shelene Thomas
  • Now Don’t Get Smart | James Lee Ivory 
  • No Frauds (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) | Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., Brittany Hazzard, Aubrey Graham & Onika Miraj
  • Regret In Your Tears | Brittany Hazzard & Onika Miraj
  • Remember Me (Parker Ighile & Nicki Minaj) LEAKED
  • Oh Sakafras (Oh Sh*t) | Henry A. Humes
  • The Pinkprint Freestyle
  • Won’t Grow Up | Michael Davis, Sara Haze, Onika Maraj, Kimberly Perry, Neil Perry, Reid Perry & Benedetto Rotondi



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