Porcelain Black, debut studio album is called “313”

After the fateful promotion of her 2014’s single “One Woman Army“, and conflicts with her former producer RedOne and label, American singer-songwriter Porcelain Black seems to keep going and she started a new era without the problematic producer as independent artist in 2015.

The singer confirmed that the unreleased/leaked album “Mannequin Factory” and the songs made by the Moroccan/Swedish producer have been scrapped.

For this new era she returns to old School Porcelain and The Tramps style, more mid tempo, slower, deep base with a little bit of rap. A brand new sound but still in the same vibe as her previously music project. About RedOne, she said:

He just took advantage of me when I was at my most vulnerable, I could have signed with any label I wanted but I truly trusted him and It was a mistake. I’m just thankful to finally have gotten rid of him, be able to make my own decisions and to be completely free. I feel bad for my old label mates that are still trapped there.

On May 16, 2015, Black confirmed on Instagram that she has a new song ready called “Reload“, and is FIRE. This track is expected to be the first single from the album. She shared a snippet on Snapchat on August 22nd.

On August 26, 2016, the singer shared few details of the project on a Twitter Q&A confirming new music is expected to be released in March/April 2017 and also revealed a new track name called “Cadillac“. The lead single is called “Hurt“.



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