Fifth Harmony, third studio album | New single arrives on June 2nd!

The third studio album by American female band Fifth Harmony is a fact and it’s expected to be released sometime next year via Syco and Epic Records.

The girls (now without Camila Cabello after leaving the band) are currently working on this project and have confirmed it during a recent interview at Z100’s Jingle Ball backstage.

After the not so shocking news, an audio of a remaining member Lauren Jauregui, feeling desperate and crying, surfaced online. She has exploited:

They make decisions on a regular basis, to f*ck us over, to make us literally slaves like literally slaves, Ally, we are doing f*cking labor every day and we see nothing! (Crying)

The girls have been working in the studio with Lemonade, the producer behind hits for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. During a recent InstaStory of Dinah, Ally said in the studio “let’s say goodbye to Alex and Drew” which are the names of The Chainsmokers. In early March, the girls have also worked in the studio with Skrillex.

During an interview with Scmp’s Young Post, Dinah has confirmed that this new record is the “Most Harmonious Album We’ve Had”. She said:

We’ve been asking our label for a while now to be more involved in the process of making music, and they’ve allowed us. Just having our voices heard and having some creative direction between us – we’re all so different musically and genre-wise – made sense to create that Fifth Harmony sound. We’ve been exploring with different sounds and tones, and I think this is the most harmonious album we’ve had

According to Variety, the new single of this new era is expected to be released on June 2nd.

Registered/Recorded/Leaked tracks:


  • Best U Never Had | Justin Grey, Jamie Jones & David Kugell
  • Bonnies | Oscar Michael Görres, Oscar Thomas Holter, Julia Michaels & Justin Tranter
  • Boyfriend
  • Change the Bad Boy LEAKED
  • Double Vision
  • Fools Like Us | Justin Tranter, Oscar Michael Görres & Oscar Thomas Holter
  • I Can Do This
  • Ladder LEAKED
  • Love Commandments
  • No Boys Allowed
  • No Catching Feelings
  • No Filter LEAKED
  • One Heart | PJ Bianco & Nasri Tony Atweh
  • One of These Days | Evan Kidd Bogart, Dilesh Pankaj Haria, James McCall, Spencer Nezey, Gregory Abraham Ogan & Nova L Paholek
  • Over LEAKED
  • Sensitive LEAKED
  • Talk to Me | Clarence Coffee Jr., Jordan Johnson, Marcus Durand Lomax, Mark Watters & Michael Biancaniello
  • The Way You Look to Much
  • Tinderella | Meghan Trainor
  • Who Can I Run 2
  • Young & Beautiful LEAKED
  • Young & Dumb | Abram Dean, Marissa Renee Shipp & Mark Pelli



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