Abi Hudson “Warm In the Room” (Video Premiere)

English emerging pop starlet Abi Hudson has returned after getting a proper introduction with her debut single “Fragile Around You”, with her second offering.

The track is called “Warm In the Room” and it’s a luscious piano-led ballad that blends acoustic roots with intelligent, catchy pop synths. About the single, she shared:

It’s a really special song for me, I love its simplicity. In short, the song is about loss. I want people to take their own meaning from it, but if you’ve ever experienced loss, be that losing a loved one, breaking up with someone or whatever it may be, I think and hope this track will make a lot of sense to you

The song was written by Abigail herself along Terry Ronald and Steve Anderson, who are also responsible for the production. It was released on digital retailers and streaming services on March 24th via Fragile Productions.

Warm In the Room” is also confirmed as another taste taken from her upcoming debut EP, which is expected to be released sometime this year.

The official music video was finally premiered on her Youtube channel on May 25th.




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