Komatsu Mikako – Blooming Maps (Album)

Blooming Maps is the third studio album released by Komatsu Mikako. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD version.

Released Date: 2017.05.10


1.Mata, Hajimari no Chizu (また、はじまりの地図)
2.Imagine day, Imagine life!
3.Catch me if you JAZZ
4.Random Metronome (ランダムメトロノーム)
5.Junshin Etude (純真エチュード; Innocence Etude)
6.Garasu no Chikyuugi (硝子の地球儀; Glass’s Globe)
7.My sky Red sky
8.Dakara Henji wa Iranai (だから返事はいらない; That’s Why I Don’t Need a Reply)
9.Nagareboshi Janai Kara (流れ星じゃないから)
10.Lonely Battle Mode
11.HEARTRAIL dress code

3½ stars

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