LNKAY “Keep My Head Up” (Video Premiere)

Swedish emerging singer and songwriter Ellen Stokstad, commonly known by her stage name as LNKAY has returned with a brand new single over a year after her latest offering “Overload”.

The new song and first proper release this year is called “Keep My Head Up” and it’s a fascinating slice of synthpop music wrapped with some joyful vibes and some disco-tastic vocals. About the song, she shared:

It was originally about my own instabilities; the feeling of not being good enough, feeling alienated. Today, the song has developed into a reminder that it’s ok to not be ok! A positive mantra. It was the first song I managed to write after getting out of a long depression. This song got me back up on my feet, I hope it will help others to feel hopeful when they’re going through something tough as well!

The track was released on digital retailers and streaming services on May 19th via Underdog, while the official music video was premiered on June 1st.



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