Stevie Parker – The Cure (Album)

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Stevie Parker emerges from the more reflective end of the mainstream pop spectrum, the one where Lana Del Rey sighs about self-destruction and Lorde delivers sharp critiques of modern life.

Her debut album The Cure sets its brooding tracks in the conventional context of romantic yearning and break-ups (“I’ve been blue over you”, “I’ll be the mess that you made in me”). The music, produced by Jimmy Hogarth, whose credits go from the sublime (Amy Winehouse) to the forgettable (James Bay), settles into a conventional pattern too, all tumbling drums and emphatic piano chords at the expense of memorable melodies.

But Parker is a captivating vocalist, holding the listener’s attention with deft use of dynamics.


01 – Never Be
02 – Blue
03 – Without You
04 – Stay
05 – Fall
06 – This Ain’t Right
07 – Better Off
08 – Prey
09 – Eden
10 – The Cure
11 – I’ve Been Waiting
12 – This Time

3½ stars

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