Utada Hikaru Announces New Single “Oozara de Dakishimete”

Utada Hikaru will be releasing a new single titled “Oozara de Dakishimete” on July 10.

The new song is being used as the CM song for SUNTORY‘s new commercial which began airing on June 16. Hikaru appeared in the commercial hiking through the woods and drinking the company’s bottle water.

You can hear a short version of the song in the clip below:

“Oozara de Dakishimete” will be Hikaru’s first one under her new label Epic Records Japan. The singer left her old label Universal Music Japan at the beginning of the year after nearly two decades with the company.

The new single has been teased by Hikaru’s staff as the first of many new releases. The release of multiple singles would put the singer back to a production mode not seen since before her hiatus.

 Some new promotional photos of Utada have also been released:

You can check out additional photos on the special website which has been set up for the commercial here.



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