Leo Ieiri To Provide Theme Song For Drama Series “Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru”

Leo Ieiri has announced that she will be releasing a new single titled “Zutto, Futari de” on July 26.

The upcoming single will be used as the theme song to the upcoming NTV drama series “Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru” which begins airing on July 16. The show will star Sota Fukushi as Rei Okumori.

Okumori’s father was physically abusive towards his mother, and he eventually kills him to protect her. The two cover up his murder and keep each other’s secret until 11 years later when a mystery person writes to Fukushi telling him they know his secret.

“Zutto, Futari de” is a mid-tempo ballad written specifically for the series. Katsuhiko Sugiyama, the song’s writer and composer, kept the theme “how much forgiveness can I have for my loved one’s secrets” in mind when writing the song.

The light and shadows within someone is important. These are not things you can hide away. It was with that feeling in mind that I sang this song,” Ieiri said.

The new single will come in 3 different versions: a CD-Only version, a CD DVD version, and a CD Goods version. Check out the single’s track list and covers below:


1. Zutto, Futari de
2. Datte Neko Dakara
3. Hero
4. Zutto, Futari de (Instrumental)
5. Datte Neko Dakara (Instrumental)
6. Hero (Instrumental)


1. “Zutto, Futari de” Music Video
2. “Zutto, Futari de” Music Video Making
3. “Sorezore no Ashita e” Music Video -Another Version-

CD Goods




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