Alessia Cara, second studio album | Working with Ricky Reed and Pop & Oak!

The second studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara is in the making and it’s expected to be released sometime this year via Def Jam Recordings.

The 20-year-old recording artist has been working in the studio with some of the collaborators of her debut album “Know-It-All”, including Robert “Robeo” Eleazer, Tony Perez or Malay.

Most recently, she has also worked with Zedd on his upcoming new single “Stay”, which arrives on February 24th. The singer has been working in the studio with Pop & Oak, who helped craft her breakout single “Here”. Other songs have been overseen by Ricky Reed, who worked with Meghan Trainor and Twenty One Pilots.


Recorded/Registered/Leaked tracks:


  • Gold | Alessia Cara, Kaleb Rollins & Marc Soto
  • Rescue | Alessia Cara, Melvin Lewis & Coleridge Tillman
  • Stay (Zedd & Alessia Cara) | Anton Zaslavski & Alessia Cara



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