Ami Wajima Suspends 2017 Activities Due To Poor Health

Anison artists Ami Wajima has announced that she is suspending all of her activities for the rest of 2017 due to poor health.

The announcement was made on Wajima’s official website on July 11.

At this time, Ami Wajima has been feeling unwell, so in order to improve her condition and for her to perform at her best in the future, we have decided to suspend her activities for the rest of the year,” the announcement said.

Details about Wajima’s condition have not been released.

Several of Wajima’s scheduled appearances have been officially cancelled, ranging from the “MOTTO ANISONG FESTIVAL” on July 30, to the singer’s solo concert scheduled for December 2.

Wajima was the winner of “Next Generation Anison Singer Audition” held by Pony Canyon and Hori Pro. She made her debut in May 2016 with the single “Gensou Drive“, and released her debut album “I AM” on February 22, 2017.



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