Aki Toyosaki – love your Best (Album)

ove your Best is the first best album released by Toyosaki Aki. The album came in three versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD edition, and an analog selection LP edition.

Release Date: 2017.07.12


1.Ginga Station (銀河ステーション; Galaxy Station)
2.SHUN PU (春風 SHUN PU; Spring Breeze)
3.Shamrock (シャムロック)
4.Kataomoi no Theme (片想いのテーマ; Theme of Unrequited Love)
5.Clover (クローバー)
6.Orion to Spangle (オリオンとスパンコール; Orion and Spangle)
7.Shirotsumekusa (シロツメクサ; White Clover)
8.Hoozuki (ほおずき; Lantern Cherry)
10.Patapa (パタパ)
11.Kanae Tamae (叶えたまえ; Come True)
12.letter writer
13.Kimi ni Arigatou (君にありがとう; Thanks to You)
15.love your life
16.Neko ni Naru (猫になる; Become a Cat)

3½ stars

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