Cassie Is Back And Has A Seriously Slinky New Single Titled “Love A Loser” Featuring G-Eazy

The R&B crooner has been threatening a proper return for a while now, but as the pages of the calendar turned there was no sign of her. Earlier this month, Cassie promised a new tune was on the way, and this time she delivered. And I mean DELIVERED.

Her new single is titled “Love A Loser” and features rapper G-Eazy; it’s delicious. An icy beat trickles over Cassie’s frosty vocals as she sings about moving on from a dumb dumb.

“I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser / Everything you did I wouldn’t do it to you / Got mu vision clear so now I’m seeing through ya / Writing you a letter / Imma send it to ya.”

There’s been a couple of useless rap features in recent weeks – Gucci Mane on Fifth Harmony’s “Down” or A$AP Rocky on Lana Del Rey’s “Summer Bummer” – but G-Eazy’s inclusion is needed. Why? Not only is his verse effortless, but it brings conflict. “I sent her flowers, and all she sent back was ‘hope all is well,’” he raps. “She said that love don’t cost a thing but got that pussy for sale.”

The track premiered during Saturday’s OVO SOUND Radio show before finding its way onto SoundCloud. Give it a listen below:



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