Chara Releases “Sympathy” and “Tiny Dancer” Music Videos

To promote her new album released July 19, singer-songwriter Chara has revealed music videos for the title track “Sympathy” and “Tiny Dancer“.

Chara created the song “Sympathy” for Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s “Fibe-Mini” advertising campaign, and imagined herself as a member of society looking at advertisement featuring actress Suzu Hirose, who appears in the CM for the fiber supplements. Queen of regularity.

The baby pink music video was shot by frequent collaborator Daisuke Shimada with the theme of “girl’s adolescence” to compliment Chara’s sweet singing voice.

The song “Tiny Dancer” was composed and produced by Quruli’s Shigeru Kishida, who completed Chara’s vision that was 2 years in the making. The music video features actress Hikari Mitsushima(Formerly of Folder5, Death Note, Love Exposure) in a house studio in Tokyo.

“Sympathy” Music Video

“Tiny Dancer” Music Video



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