Koda Kumi Releases Music Video for Summer Bop “LIT”

Pop diva Koda Kumi has released the music video for her 60th single “LIT“—and whether it lives up to its title is up to you fam 😂👌🔥💯.

With “LIT“, Kuu brings a performance-centric video with her female backup dancers getting “crazy” in a variety of settings, including a watery dance scene.

As previously reported, “LIT” is a limited edition single and will not be sold at the standard music outlets such as HMV, TOWER RECORDS, and Amazon.jp. Only one version of “LIT” will be available for purchase—a CD+DVD in a deluxe packaging—at live venues for Koda’s current tour “LIVE TOUR 2017 ~W FACE~” and via avex trax’s official online shop mu-mo.

Check out the video below!


Koda Kumi’s “LIT” single serves as the first part of a series of limited edition single releases; she will release another limited edition single in October, and one more in December.

Anly Dedicates New Song “Hokutoshichisei” To Deceased Brother

Anly has revealed that her new song “Hokutoshichisei” was written as a dedication to her deceased older brother.

The singer explained that she always thought she was an only child growing up. Her family would always celebrate a birthday for someone she didn’t know. In the 5th grade, her mother explained to Anly that she had an older brother who died before she was born.

I was happy knowing my brother was there [when I looked up to heaven], and from that time on I always felt him watching over me wherever I was,” Anly said.

Anly had always wanted to write a song expressing her feelings towards her brother. In high school, she wrote a ballad that reflected on her hometown, the stars in the sky, and her deceased brother. Like the subjects of the song, the singer hopes that people who listen to the singer remember those who are important to the listener.

“Hokutoshichisei” will be Anly’s 5th major-label single. It will be released on August 9.