Ailee deals with ‘Reminiscing’ in an emotional ballad

Ailee has dropped her new song “Reminiscing“!

The song is Ailee’s characteristic ballad with hints of future soul and jazz to showcase Ailee’s voice to its fullest. Hit lyricist Kim Yi Na wrote the lyrics for the song, which tells the story of a woman recalling her memories in a calm but sad way.

Check out the song above!

Taeyeon releases MV teaser for ‘Fine’

After releasing numerous highlight teasers and album details, Taeyeon has now revealed the MV teaser for her upcoming title track “Fine.”

You can see a bit of a love story in the MV teaser and the song sounds great.
She’ll be releasing her first full solo album ‘My Voice‘ on the 28th, and it includes 13 songs in total. The CD will also include an exclusive track “Time to Walk Through Memories“, which won’t be released digitally.

Lovelyz release MV for ‘WoW!’

After releasing various teaser images, the cute members of Lovelyz have returned with the music video for their title song “WoW!”

The song definitely sounds catchy and the MV is so bright and colorful. You could also say the visuals in this MV are quite lovely. After listening to the teasers, I thought it was gonna be a typical cute song but this is different and has a bit of funk and new jack-esque groove to it.

Check out the fun song and MV above!


B.A.P’s title song revealed to be named ‘Wake Me Up’


B.A.P has revealed their album cover for ‘Rose‘!

The boys will be coming back as a full 6-member group with leader Bang Yong Guk on the 7th. Their 6th single album ‘Rose‘ will come in two versions, the ‘A’ version with a red rose against a silver background and the ‘B’ version with a white rose against a dark background.

TS Entertainment has also revealed that the boys’ title song is named “Wake Me Up“, a song with an addicting guitar riff and synth sound.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?


IMFACT ask you to ‘Please Be My First Love’

IMFACT has dropped their MV for “Please Be My First Love“!

The song is the new song for February for their year-long project ‘IMFACTORY‘, where the boys will be releasing a new song every month that’s been composed and written by themselves.

The MV features maknae Woongjae picking out a present for a girl he likes in Japan, and it’s a super cute, sweet MV where the boys just have fun.

Check out the MV above!

G-Friend drops 6-track tracklist for ‘The Awakening’


G-Friend dropped their tracklist for ‘The Awakening‘!

The girls will be coming back with their fourth mini album, which includes 6 songs. The tracks are “Hear the Wind Sing“, “Fingertip“, “Contrail“, “Please Save My Earth“, “Rain in the Spring Time“, and “Crush“. Title song “Fingertip” is by Leegi and Yongbae, the same team that worked on all their past title songs.
Check out the tracklist below!

G-Friend unveil more teaser images for 4th mini album ‘The Awakening’


G-Friend continue teasing for their comeback with the 4th mini album ‘The Awakening‘!

The girls confirmed to make their comeback on March 6 and just recently started teasing for their new release. Based on the teaser images, we can tell that the girls left behind their signature cute, innocent concept and took on a mature, feminine look.

Check out more of their gorgeous teaser images below!


Seo In Guk to release one last song before enlistment


Seo In Guk will be releasing one last song before his enlistment.

He’ll be enlisting on March 28th to the Yeoncheon county’s 5th division in Gyeonggi-do. But before his enlistment, he’ll be releasing one last song for his fans.

Fans who went to his concert at the end of last year will recognize the song already as it’s the same song, but the song is so far unnamed.

Are you looking forward to the song release?


DIA to come back in April with a mini album full of self-composed songs


DIA will be coming back soon!

The girls will be coming back with a mini album with title song “Wanna Date Me?“, which they already revealed through their solo concert in December last year. The mini album will have 7-8 songs, all of which are composed by the members themselves. The mini album will be packed full of genres as well, ranging from dance, acoustic, ballad, and even semi-trot.

The girls are aiming to come back in mid-April.


GOT7 drop an intense trailer for ‘Flight Log: Arrival’


Woah, GOT7 just launched a trailer for ‘Flight Log: Arrival‘ and it’s epic!

JYP Entertainment got many fans excited as they released the schedule for GOT7’s return. The first on the schedule is the trailer, where Jinyoung awes viewers with his incredible acting. The trailer also has a mysterious and intense vibe, captivating viewers from the beginning to the very end.

Watch the 4-minute plus trailer yourself below!