Simon Billing


A singer, songwriter, an artist…

He is about to release his Album titled “IMAGINATION” and the money will all go to cancer research.

What can I say, good music, for an amazing cause, go ahead and check out his work.
If you wish to pre-order and donate here’s the link 👇👇👇

‘Sticks & Stones’ music video from upcoming album set to release on June 1st!

 (Page Simon Billing, Instagram @simonbillingg)

If you would like the signed physical deluxe edition & get it early before release, order here :…/simon-billing-imaginati…

You can also pre-order the digital version worldwide here :
Also available on Amazon, Hmv, Play music, Xbox music and most other music sites smile emoticon

‘Dinosaur’ music video :
‘Mike’ music video :
‘Sticks & Stones’ music video :
‘Imagination’ album teaser :

Here is the tracklist for the physical limited edition copy of ‘Imagination’:





I order the album already…Please Support my friend!!!!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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