Charli XCX “Number 1 Angel” | “3AM (Pull Up)” [Official Lyric Video Premiere]

Number 1 Angel” is a mixtape by British singer-songwriter and producer Charli XCX. It was released on March 10th via Asylum Records and Atlantic Records.

She debuted the tracks “3AM (Pull Up)“, “Dreamer” and “Lipgloss” during BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam show on March 7th.




  1. Dreamer (feat. Starrah & RAYE) | A.G. Cook, Charlotte Aitchison, Brittany Talia Hazzard & Rachel Keen
  2. 3AM (Pull Up) [feat. MØ] | Karen Marie Ørsted, easyFun, A. G. Cook & Charlotte Aitchison
  3. Blame It On You | A.G. Cook, Charlotte Aitchison & Noonie Bao
  4. Roll With Me | Sophie, Charlotte Aitchison & Klas Åhlund
  5. Emotional | Patrik Berger & Charlotte Aitchison
  6. ILY2 | Charlotte Aitchison & Danny L Harle
  7. White Roses | A.G. Cook, Charlotte Aitchison & Noonie Bao
  8. Babygirl (feat. Uffie) | John Hill, Anna-Catherine Hartley, Charlotte Aitchison, Amanda Warner & Sarah Hudson
  9. Drugs (feat. Abra) | A.G. Cook, Charli Aitchison & Abra
  10. Lipgloss (feat. CupcakKe) | A.G. Cook, Elizabeth Harris & Charlotte Aitchison